• Standard 34-56 EU


  • Ivory
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This princess-style wedding dress is a stunning and regal design that will make any bride feel like royalty on her big day. The unique neckline sets this dress apart from other traditional wedding dresses, adding a modern and fashion-forward touch to the classic princess style. The princess-style skirt creates a sense of grandeur and romance, flowing out from the waist in a full and voluminous silhouette that adds drama and flair to the dress. The pearl embellishments on the straps and the unique neckline create a sense of individuality and style, allowing the bride to make a statement while still maintaining a sense of tradition and grace. This dress is perfect for a bride who wants to embrace her inner princess and feel like a true queen on her wedding day

Size Chart

To find out your exact parameters, you can use our measurement instructions and find out which size is right for you.


Centimeter tape measures horizontally on the most protruding points of the chest and shoulders


Measured at the narrowest point. The centimeter tape we tied around the waist before taking the measurements will help determine the correct location of the waist;


Measured at the most convex points of the thighs and the widest place of the hips.