• Standard 34-56 EU


  • Ivory
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The slim-fit bodice is adorned with intricate beadwork, creating a dazzling and sparkling effect that draws the eye and accentuates the curves of the body. The skirt is the perfect complement to the slim-fit bodice, creating a dramatic and luxurious effect that is both elegant and romantic. The combination of the intricately beaded bodice and the skirt creates a stunning and unforgettable dress style that is perfect for a formal event or wedding. The dress exudes glamour, sophistication, and romance, and is sure to make the bride feel like a true princess.

Size Chart

To find out your exact parameters, you can use our measurement instructions and find out which size is right for you.


Centimeter tape measures horizontally on the most protruding points of the chest and shoulders


Measured at the narrowest point. The centimeter tape we tied around the waist before taking the measurements will help determine the correct location of the waist;


Measured at the most convex points of the thighs and the widest place of the hips.